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Feature Films
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Steve Martin
Captain Gantu
Character Information
Captain Smek
DJ Smek
Paranoid, selfish, sly, friendly, clever, seriously
Six legged, bendable horns, small Boov with big "noses" and mustache, green eyes
Boov leader (formerly)
The Earth (former)
The Moon (currect)
Oh, Tip, Kyle, Gorg Commander
All formerly: Gorg Commander, Tip, Oh and more boovs
Running, many earth things, "The Shusher", "saving" the Boovs, The Gorg (currently)
Letting Oh Be Captain, The Gorg (formerly)
"Did you really think you can escape?"
Captain Smek: No, no no. He is not a super Boov. There's only one Super Boov and you know who that is; you're looking at him. I invented running away and look at this, I have the Shusher. I am your captain
Oh: But you are not good captain
Oh contradicts Smek[src]

Captain Smek, also known as DJ Smek in the end, is the main protagonist in Almost Home and the true main antagonist (later reformed) in Home. He is the former leader of the Boov race, and becomes a D.J. at the end of the film.



His main trait is being wimpy, and being celebrated by being said thing. He will retreat from anything, and has incorporated said thing to the Boov culture.


Not much is known about his life, other than having stolen a device of the Gorg's that he uses to shut people up, although the device is actually a Gorg egg.

Almost HomeEdit

In the short film, bad smek appears when getting out of his spaceship along with the other Boov and announcing to his Boov on arriving at their foster new planet.


At the beginning of the film, Captain Smek tells all the Boov that they are going to invade earth as their new home. After Oh sends a invitation to all the Boov and all other alien races (including the Gorg himself), Smek tells all the Boov to find Oh and tell him what his password is to stop sending the invitation to the Gorg as he sends a Boov cop named Kyle to find Oh and tell him what his password is so Smek commands the Big Brain Boovs to get to work.

Later, Captain Smek and his army of Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov surround the two in Paris and tells Oh that even though he fixed his mistake it can't be guaranteed he won't continue to make more. So, he must erase him. Luckily, Tip turns the "gravity orb" upside down and Smek later escapes in Kyle's flying pod.

After the Gorg attacks the Boov, Oh mentions to all the Boov about how a bad captain Smek is, before Smek can hit Oh with his "Shusher" Kyle forces him to let Oh be captain but Smek refuses and gets hit in the head by Kyle and gives the "Shusher" to Oh, near the end Smek redeems himself and becomes a DJ for the Boov and for Oh being captain.


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  • Captain Smek is played by Steve Martin.
  • Captain Smek is very similar to Mother Gothel from Tangled (2010), as both of them tricked who they "loved" into obeying them (Captain Smek acted cowardly and stole the Gorg egg to make the Boov believe the Gorg was evil and so the Boov would obey Smek, Mother Gothel stole Rapunzel as an infant and told her the world was dangerous so she could be young and beautiful forever).
  • The word, "Smek", is a Swedish word that means "caressing".
  • He is the second Dreamworks villain to be an alien, the first being Gallaxhar. However, unlike him, Smek isn't truly evil and would do anything to protect the Boov from any certain threats.
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